How to Fly Fish for Rainbow Trout – A Few Tips

Recently, I have become interested in fly fishing for rainbow trout, but at first, I must confess, I was quite bad at it. I asked some friends and searched around for some more info to improve my fly fishing technique and finally I started to get better. Since rainbow trout is not that difficult to catch, I […]

Some tips for better fly fishing results

  I have recently taken on fly fishing and I am developing quite a taste for it. Last time, when Bob and I went fishing, it was quite an adventure to haul back home all the fish we caught. Since now I want to get better at fly fishing, I started to learn and I am […]

The rainy day fishing trip

Bob and I went fishing one fine Saturday. Knowing that we live in one of the wettest parts of the country in terms of summer rainfall, I brought along my best fishing jacket, wader and boots. Alabama, after all, gets 4.62 inches of precipitation on average per month during the summer. Bob called just as […]

Behind the Cheese!

  Oldie but a goody Luckily, DADDY fans everywhere are uploading lots of great videos on YouTube. Of course, one of our favorites is from way back in April at Lightning 100 in Nashville. Check out this kicking acoustic duo version of “Nobody from Nowhere.” A Digital Daddy So you’re into instant gratification huh? Well […]

Thinking about taking up fly fishing

Having done my own share of saltwater and freshwater fishing, I have found another way to ditch work: do some fly fishing. Aside from getting myself a great pair of polarized sunglasses to help me spot fish, I have also done a decent amount of research to help me along. First, I went online and […]

Happy Father’s Day

  For those of you celebrating Father’s Day, we’ve got a special message from two of our favorite fathers. And this time they get a little help from an excited member of the Kimbrough clan!

Harry and my first fishing session for this year

  This one comes from a gentleman named Harry…Beginner’s Luck: The Bass from Lake MoultrieBack  in the 70’s, I took a Chief Radioman off my Submarine bass fishing for the first time in his life. I picked him up from his house in Charleston S.C. before daylight and got an inkling of what was to […]